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Fibre Optic Cable Landing

One of the services provided by ACET is Fibre optic cable landing. As global economy is relying more and more on high speed fibre optic data transmission, so is the demand for subsea fibre optic/ power cable operations. These cables are laid by dedicated vessels that literally drop the cable on the seabed. Once the cable reaches shore, it needs protection and special care. One such operation is a cable ‘landing’ where the cable is handed over from the cable laying vessel to the beach team at shore who ensures the cable is landed in an environmentally friendly manner whilst keeping the crucial tension. The beach team, maps and clears a path for the cable until the cable surfaces on shore.

Seabed fibre optic cable landing services

The next stage is the protection installation by means of articulated pipes that are fitted around the actual cable against abrasion, impact and environmental stress. The depth of protection needed largely depends on the environment and exposure, but can be installed up to depths in excess of 200ft.

The final stage is the post burial stage where the now protected cable is buried up to the depth requested by the client. A trench is dug underneath the cable using waterjets. The cable lands inside the trench, which closes automatically with tidal movements and wave action.

Upon clients’ request, the cable can be periodically inspected, documented and recorded to depths well beyond 300ft.

ACET can cater for all stages in the cable landing and inspection. The underwater work is mainly performed by highly trained technical divers and subsea trenching machines, rebreathers and diver propulsion vehicles.

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