Diver & Medic Training

Equipping Divers and Medics for Underwater Excellence



ACET also trains their own commercial divers and rebreather divers. Our instructors and divers hold certificates from the following bodies;

  • ERDI – International Training – Emergency Response Diving (HSE, NFPA)
  • National Board Of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Technology
  • DAN – Divers Alert Network
  • SSI – Scuba Schools International
  • DNV – Det Norske Veritas
  • Kirby Morgan

Erdi Courses

It is well known that firefighters and police officers are usually the first ones to jump in the water of a crime or accident scene. These divers have had long and hard training, to keep a focused mind in the most extreme underwater conditions. Public Safety Divers dive alone in th black water, searching for a corps inside a graveyard of dead trees. Their only link is a line to the buddy on the surface. Search, position, record, recover and report. Any diver with a good mental and physical health can enroll in the public safety diving course curriculum.

ACET emphasizes on teamwork, record taking and role play during training as well as on-site, our divers rotate on a daily basis to avoid complacency and respect towards all positions. You’ll rotate from main diver, to backup diver, to supervisor, umbilical man, medic, notetaker and back to main diver.

If you feel you may fit in a Public Safety diving team, this course is for you.

The entry level ERD I combined with dry suit, full face mask and contaminated water will prepare you for more than 90% of the public safety diving missions you will be asked for

Most divers though, develop a craving to further training and soon enroll in ERD II, confined spaces and night ops to complement the skills sets for themselves and more importantly for the entire team.

  • All public safety diver courses are NFPA and OHSA compliant
  • Surface supplied helmet diving (SSI or ERDI)
  • Chamber operator technician (TDI)
  • Public Safety diver level I(ERDI)
  • Public Safety diver level II(ERDI)
  • Night Diving Ops
  • Surface supplied Diver
  • Chamber operator
  • Dry suit diver
  • Full face mask diver
  • Diver Medical Technician
  • Contaminated Water Diver
  • Confined Spaces Diver
  • Trimix Gas Blender
  • Mixed Gas Diving Trainer

Decomposing bodies carry a wide range of harmful bacteria from which the public safety diver needs to protect him or herself.

Once you find the body or object, how to proceed, recover, report?

This is when the public safety diver’s training steps in place. Diving is one thing, documenting and communicating is another. If it’s not recorded, it didn’t happen.

You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or veteran, a healthy mind in a healthy body and standard diving swimming skills are all that is needed. For 90% of the cases, a standard drysuit and full-face mask is the only equipment needed to perform the diving activities. However, if you are in a high-risk environment, the courses will train you to become a full HAZMAT helmet diver compliant with the highest industry standards. ERDI is an ISO(international standards organisation) and OHSA (Occupational Health and safety Association) certified training agency.