Aquatic Commercial Engineering and Technologies a Global maritime contracting company in Singapore

Since 1993

Aquatic Commercial Engineering & Technologies

The ACET group is an international maritime contracting company, located in Singapore with offices in Pakistan and Finland.

Our team comprises of engineers, hyperbaric technicians, medics and deep mixed gas divers that have decades of experience in the field of technical diving and underwater testing and inspection.

At ACET we feel that the diversification of technologies and dive teams is becoming a key component in this ever changing industry.


Diving Solutions for a Changing Industry

Commercial Divers

Our commercial divers have a hundreds of days of experience working under water deploying power tools, mixed gas, hard helmet and hot water suits to great depths. We furthermore deploy rebreathers for confined spaces inspections.

Public Safety Divers

Our Public safety divers and trainers are certified under the ERDI PSD training standards and conform with OHSA and NFPA guidelines. Our specialization and experience spans from low visibility inspections and recovery to crime scene inspection and HAZMAT diving.

Dive Medics

Our diver medics monitor the condition of the commercial divers in a HYPERBARIC diving chamber aboard a diving support vessel. They are trained in remote diving medicine as well as Hyperbaric chamber operations to treat injured divers.

Our Services

Exploring Depths, Delivering Excellence

Fibre Optic Cable Landing Services

Contaminated Water 7 Hazmat Diving

Medical & Hyperbaric Dive Support

Maritime Harbour Work

Underwater Confined Spaces

Training Dive Medics & Public Safety Diver

Hydropower Dam Inspection & Overaul

Since 1993

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