Where are you located?

Our office is located in Singapore. The address you can find at the bottom of our website.

Does ACET use saturation divers?

No, ACET does not use saturation divers. We have great success with using technical divers doing bounce dives on rebreathers while using mixed gas. The hard Helmet divers on umbilicals do the heavier work and are the support for the technical divers.

Why do you use technical divers?

Technical divers are more versatile in their skill set with regards to diving in confined spaces, gas blending, diving with different mixed gasses. One of the owners of ACET, Ben Reymenants, has been a technical diving instructor trainer for more than 20 years and has worked with commercial divers. He has experienced himself that using technical divers for certain projects is more beneficial and more cost effective

What makes ACET different form the standards commercial diving teams?

Each team member is qualified and trained to perform each and every task during operation hands our teams are smaller, more versatile and efficient. Team members are rotated on a daily basis to avoid complacancy and increase the safety margin.