About ACET – Aquatic Commercial Engineering Technologies

Our Approach

At Acet we are a diversified team. We feel that adaptability is our strongest card and we have yet to face a challenge where we had to walk away or call on 3rd party providers.

Commercial diving on full face helmet
Kirby Morgan helmet diver
  • If it hasn’t been done before, we look at obstacles as challenges rather than problems.
  • When a tool or function doesn’t exist, we’ll manufacture it.
  • If a task is beyond our skill or expertise, we write a course and risk assessment for it and train our team accordingly.

ACET’s field of expertise stretches over long distances to great depths, ranging from miles of fragile fibre optic cable to inspections deep inside the tunnels of a hydropower dam. Deploying it’s unique closed circuit diving techniques, ACET performes inspections and installations to depths in excess of 500-feet.

At ACET we feel that diversification of teams is becoming a key component in this ever changing industry. To stipulate, our custom diver- and emergency training program keeps each team member tuned and capable of covering each others’ function.

Meet the ACET Team

Although ACET is a new name in the industry it’s founders definitely are not.

Our team comprises of engineers, hyperbaric technicians, medics and deep mixed gas divers that have decades of experience in the field of underwater testing and inspection.

Offshore maritime Comapny
The Acet Tarbela Team in April 2017

We are a relative new comer to the commercial diving scene, its managing directors and staff come from a variety of backgrounds from Sri Lankan crane mechanics to Belgian Hyperbaric Technicians and Rebreather instructor trainers to Malaysian lawyers. Together with their passions for electrical engineering, advanced technical diving and teaching, hyperbaric medicine, remote area emergency medicine, the logistical nightmare of working in incredibly remote and equipment testing environments they form a new force in the commercial diving world.